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Gothic Culture Style Proposal

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Gothic culture style proposal

A proposal is one of the most important events of your life. It’s the moment when you ask the love of your life to spend the rest of theirs with you. For most of the people, a proposal only happens once in their lifetime.

Saying ‘I love you’ to your boyfriend or girlfriend is ok, but a proposal is a big step towards showing commitment and seriousness about your relationship. To ensure your proposal goes perfectly, you have to keep some things in mind. Here’s what you should consider about a gothic culture style proposal.

It’s Not Your Typical Proposal

Sure, glamming out your proposal décor with white roses and fairy lights is ok, but this isn’t the gothic way. Gothic proposals are far from usual, and if you and your partner both wants to do unique things, it would be best to incorporate the goth culture into your forever journey.

Proposing to your gothic partner can be similar to the ‘traditional’ or classic proposal on bended knees. However, to add gothic elements to your proposal, there are some elements of gothic culture that you should consider. Take a look:

  • The element of fire: fire is an essential element in gothic rituals. To add this element to your proposal, you can use candles or a fireplace to add a touch of heat to your romantic question.
  • Night time proposal: ceremonies in gothic culture are typically nighttime or sunset events. Consider proposing under a star-lit night, a full moon, or during the darker hours of the night to emphasize the symbolism of the event and the ring you’re about to present.
  • Privacy: gothic ceremonies are considered sacred, and you should consider keeping your proposal private and intimate.

Have a look at the below proposal scene, just imagine how gothic culture style proposal look like.

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The scene is set in the dark of night. The venue is an open field overlooking the ocean. The night is cool and there’s a full moon. You’re a vampire awaiting your witch bride. Your pale make-up look and dark cloak are evidence of the supernatural, and there is evidence of your last bloody meal trickling down your chin. As your witch partner arrives, a ring of fire lights up and surrounds you both. You get down on one knee and present to your lover her first drink for the night. It’s a glass of dark red wine. When she lifts the glass for a sip, that’s your cue to kneel and ask her to be your eternal love. ‘I will love you forever,’ you say…

This is just an example. You should be creative while planning to propose in gothic style.

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Gothic Style Romance

Most goths will date other goths because they have similar interests. However, now in modern goth culture it’s possible for a goth to date and marry a non-goth. Goths are generally open-minded and liberal individuals. As such, they are open and free to various issues of life.

People in gothic relationships will not have to struggle knowing what’s on each other’s minds at any instant. Goth dating and romance go beyond dressing in black. Goths have extremely influential personalities and would go to great lengths to help each other rediscover themselves.

The Ring in Gothic Proposal

Gothic style is all about mysterious vibes, black, and macabre motifs. It is often reminiscent of vampires and is an antiquated, dark fashion style influenced by early horror films and novels and Victorian mourning.

A gothic ring is a symbolic element of the proposal and is perfect for your bride-to-be.   A gothic engagement ring would typically have elements of dark romance. Some of the features of a gothic ring include darkness, mystery, and death. It can also have some aspects of passion and love. A gothic ring is a unique way to show your love and commitment.

Macabre motifs of coffins, skulls, and bones are elements of eternal love and are a unique way of telling your girlfriend or boyfriend ‘till death do us part.’ For others, an engagement ring symbolizes their mortality and is a reminder to remain faithful to their partner and live life to its fullest.

In gothic culture, black has many associations, and a gothic engagement ring engraved with black diamonds or made of black metal represents strength and elegance. Goth symbols are passed on from different traditions, art, literature, and medieval legends. As a result, goth rings of different designs are personal to the individual who will wear them.

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There are two basic styles of gothic engagement rings. The first type represents the romantic aspects of medieval gothic crusades. The second style represents romantic horror that is synonymous with contemporary gothic culture.

These types of rings are typically fashioned from silver metals to showcase a distinct contrast between the design and inlaid engravings or gems. Silver is a cool color and is associated with gothic symbolism. Modern gothic rings can be made with other metals such as tungsten or titanium.

We have a vast collection of gothic-style engagement rings that would be suitable for you and your partner. One of the most sought-after designs is a piece that features a rare onyx gemstone centre bordered by two etched skulls, then finished with a tiny but noticeable onyx on either side.

The male equivalent of this ring is a four skull band with a blue sapphire on the top and bottom of each skull. In between the skulls are etched anchors linked tied together in knots.

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Why More & More People Are Attracting Towards Gothic Style Proposal?

Most people become goths because they’ve been shunned by ‘normal’ society due to how they want to live or how they’re told to live. Goths do not typically subscribe to the moral rules that society ascribes to and are free thinkers.

Nowadays, people are goth can be seen in modern-day fashion and pop fashion. Businesses and companies use goth culture and aesthetics to make statements that would make them more likable to the public. By adopting the goth culture and some of its unique elements, they look more appealing to the public.

Gothic-style proposals are becoming more popular due to the emergence of the ‘hot goth’. These are people such as Kourtney Kardashian and other celebrities that make the style look fashionable.


Gothic-style proposals are as unique as the culture itself. For a successful proposal, one must ensure they incorporate elements of the culture into their event.

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