A Vampire With A Magical Promise Ring [Don’t Miss The Commitment Part]

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“Come on Marsha, can’t you walk any faster?” my friend Cindy called out to me.

“Alright Cindy, am right behind you!” I responded to her advances.

We walked into the diner where we always enjoyed having our meals. As we found an empty booth and sat down, the nice waitress who always served us almost every time we were there came over to our table. “Just in time lovely ladies, the usual?” she cheerfully greeted us. After our order came we chatted away as we hungrily attacked our pizza and soda. We joked about how sexy vampires and warlocks were and even fanaticized at how amazing it could be having to date one in real life. Cindy and I were into that sort of gothic things and it was one of the reasons we got along pretty well.

Then I saw him sitting across the room from where I was. With nice blonde hair, clear green eyes and perfect porcelain skin. I didn’t know why or how, but I instantly felt like he was the one meant for me and my search for Mr. Right had finally come to an end. As if by fate’s design, he had seen me too and we both stared into each other’s eyes. His eyes were so adorable and dreamy I would have stared into them forever had my friend not taken me by the arm and shook me, “Are you alright Marsha?” “Relax Cindy I am fine,” I said turning my attention to her. Cindy turned her attention to see what had captivated my mind just before she had snapped me back into reality. “Someone has a little crush,” she taunted me in a sing song voice. “Shut up Cindy!” was all I could manage to say knowing quite well that she had been so right. After our little hangout I told Cindy that I was a little exhausted and that I wanted to head home and get some rest.

As I walked over to my house, the somewhat familiar face from the diner came up to my side. It was like a secret wish being granted. “Hello, my name is Jonathan and I’m a vampire,” he said to me as he smiled revealing his perfect teeth. He was so forward and I found it so sexy! Of course I didn’t believe the vampire bit of his introduction but I decided to play along for the thrill of it. “I’m Marsha and I am human,” I responded. “Mind taking a walk?” he asked. I shook my head in response to mean no. We had been walking for some time making small talk before he said to me, “Can I show you my secret layer?” “Sure thing!” I agreed as I felt an adrenaline rush through my body. He was a total stranger yes, for all I knew he could have been some serial killer but I decided to take a leap of faith and followed him. “After all life would be quite boring if I didn’t take such bold chances,” I thought to myself.

We found our way to an underground tunnel with a door at one end instead of an opening as it was expected. As we went in through the door, the surrounding changed. It was a nicely furnished house with good modern taste. As Jonathan closed the door behind him, he turned on the lights as the tunnel house had no windows. I should have been scared even just a little bit but I guess I was way in over my head. He brought out a bottle of some good wine and we sat on his expensive couch and chatted as we drank away. By the time we were on our second bottle I had gotten way too comfortable around him and so had he as he had started sharing such deep facts about himself and his life. In that moment we shared, with words unspoken, it was quite evident that Jonathan and I were meant for each other.

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He talked to me about his loneliness and thirst. “What’s stopping you from devouring me right now?” I asked him teasingly. “Because you and I have a strong connection, don’t you feel it?” he asked me looking me straight in the eyes. I felt my body respond to him and as if all my senses had come alive all at once and just for him. I had lost track of time and to be honest, we were a little lost in each other too. At some point he got up and went into the other before he came back carrying something in his hand. He sat back on the couch and revealed what he had in his hand. It was a black case and he opened it to reveal an ancient gothic ring. “This is a ring of power and it power surrounds anyone who wears it,” he said to me as he took the ring out of the case and held it in his right hand. He went ahead and explained to me how his love was guarded by the mystical ring and that he had to give it to the woman he wanted to be in a relationship with for the relationship to work.

Jonathan and I had found each other at a time when I was also eager to find some I could share my love and affection with. Someone who would understand me and not judge me for being my true self around them. We were both in search of a suitable mate. Jonathan told me that the little unique ring was more of a promise ring and not an engagement ring. “If you want to be with me Marsha, this ring is the only possible way,” he said to me. I took the ring from him and held it between my fingers, I could feel its power just by looking at it. I had come all this way and I decided right there and then that I was going to have a taste of what the magical ring had to offer.

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As soon as I put the ring on, I saw my appearance transform magically into a witch. For a moment I thought I was just hallucinating, I thought maybe it was my mind taking what I had believed to be Jonathan’s fantasy a little too far. I asked Jonathan if I could look in the mirror and he led me to the other room where there was a full length mirror. I even pinched myself a little just to see that I was dreaming but I wasn’t, it was a reality. Not only did I look like a witch but I could feel an immense power coursing through my veins. Jonathan came up to me and took my face in his hands before he planted a passionate kiss on my lips. I felt a ripple effect go through out my body. Just when I thought things were about to accelerate, Jonathan took my hand and took the ring off. “That’s enough thrill for one night,” he said to me with a smile on his face revealing his fangs to me and it was quite a sight to behold! By the time I was leaving the tunnel house it was about 4 a.m. in the morning. Jonathan walked me all the way back to my apartment and I felt very safe being with him.

After that, Jonathan and I spent most of our evenings and nights together. If we weren’t locked away in the tunnel house, we’d be visiting old abandoned castles taking a walk in the lonely woods. Before he let me where the ring again, he made sure I understood the facts about it all. The Ring was enchanted in such a way that it permitted one to live both a gothic and a normal existence and this could only be done a total of three times. If a person were to wear the ring, the third time they would retain the gothic nature for a lifetime even if the band was taken off. No magic could be able to lift the enchantment once the transformation occurred. Jonathan and I fell head over heels in love with each other.

When Jonathan felt that I was ready to experience his world fully, he gave me the ring to wear for the second time. He then took me on a trip of the vampire underworld. He showed me everything, the things that humans thought were haunted were actually their rites and customs. He made me understand some of their traditions and ceremonies to her. It could have been all so much for me to take in as a human but my witch self took it all so well as if I was relearning the history of my own kind. I wanted to be part of this new world that I had discovered and I wanted to do it at Jonathan’s side. When morning came, I went back to my business as usual but I had my mind made up and there was no going back for me. I was all in.

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Not long after, while it was a full moon in the sky, Jonathan and I went for a hike on the abandoned mountain in the dead of the night. When we got to the mountain’s table point, he went on one knee and said, “Will you take this promise ring and be lovely witch partner for life? I promise to love and cherish you with every breath I take. I promise to always protect and care for you. I promise to always be by your side every waking day and I  promise you that your happiness will be my number one priority. “  It wasn’t the textbook proposal every woman dreams of, but it was our own and we owned the moment. The night was beautiful and owl cries echoed in the air as if singing praises to the union that was about to happen. As I donned on the mysterious magical ring for the third time on my finger, I felt the power course through my veins more powerful than before and for a moment I thought I was going to explode.

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My hair grew into a thick, black, and perfectly curled mass. My eyes changed into a dark ruby red and they were framed with a soft green eye shadow that was permanent on my face. I felt my face clear out and became flawless and rosy but the rest of my skin turned ghostly white as if it had never seen a day of sunlight. My clothes were exchanged for a deep purple robe. My nails became long, perfectly manicured and painted in red to complement the new look. For accessories I had a black choker with a diamond in the center around my neck and silver bangles on my wrists that jingled with every movement I made.

Once the transition was complete, Jonathan took my face in his hands stroke it gently. I closed my eyes as I felt the tingling sensation on my skin spread throughout my body. I felt my body get overcome by an overwhelming need that weakened every muscle. I was in a state of bliss. It appeared as if everything around me was disintegrating into thin air and I felt like I was floating aimlessly in space. I parted my lips slightly as Jonathan bent down and kissed me. As his lips touched mine, I felt like my body was about to erupt with excitement. Jonathan had one hand on my neck and the other on my waist, and he was slowly caressing my skin in circular motions. Every pore on my body was filled with an electric pulse of need, and I could feel it all pouring through me. As we continued to kiss, my arms were wrapped around his neck and I pressed my body harder against his the kissing became even hotter and more passionate. Jonathan broke off the kiss for a moment and took a step back before fixing his focus on me. He tenderly brushed my dark curls away from my face. In that moment I was overcome with so much emotion that even the mere brushing of his fingers over my flesh, sent chills up and down my spine. “You are a very beautiful witch Marsha,” he said to me. I smiled in satisfaction as I thought to myself, “I have definitely made the right choice.”  I couldn’t help but admire the ring on my finger with so much gratitude. I had never felt so satisfied before in my life and it was all made possible by the magnificent ring.

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Magical Promise Ring

Traditional promise rings are old fashioned & not the way to go in 2022 | Express your love & commitment via this magical promise ring.

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