A love story of a supernatural man & a girl [Don’t miss the proposal part]

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Stephen opened his eyes and the darkness and velvet-covered wood greeted his gaze as he sighed. He had a king-size bed but always slept in the coffin whenever he was alone.  In spite of the darkness, he was able to feel the warm touch of the wood on his skin and smell its exquisite perfume, which was a mixture of death and despair. Every night, he was awakened by the thirst and this night was no different. A red satin shirt, brocade slacks and an expensive jacket were all that was needed to transform him into an aristocratic gentleman. He loved it, even though it was a little cheesy, overdone, and odd. He was all geared up and ready to go on the hunt. It’s Saturday, so he goes for a night out. He made his way to his favourite bar hoping to get lucky.

As he passed through the glass doors he saw an unusual sight of a woman snuggling up to a cup of coffee with her legs crossed.  She was in her 30s and had dark hair. Despite her human appearance, she had an incomparable attractiveness. She had on an excellent attire and flawless features and there was something about her that drew him to her.

Her name was Chloe and he somehow managed to invite her back to his apartment for a drink. As she fell into the arms of the antique armchair, she smiled. He sat across from her and studied her face as they conversed. Every carefully placed sentence and syllable fascinated him with her knowledge of art, history, poetry, and literature. He felt so infatuated and also mesmerized by her endearing voice, innocent giggle, and radiant smile that he temporarily forgot about his thirst.

Stephen suddenly felt obliged to share his story with her. Something about the way she looked at him conveyed to him that she’d understand his situation. He felt vulnerable to her and found himself speaking out words he never had before. “I am a vampire,” he said. “I intended for you to be my next meal,” he added. Chloe kept still and instead looked at him with eyes that conveyed something else: intrigue, perhaps longing. She didn’t laugh or cower. She just said, “Please explain.” Stephen responded, “I tell you that I am going to kill you and that’s your response?” She went on, “I feel like I have known you a long time even though we just met today and I don’t feel the need to be afraid of you.” Stephen felt a wave of mixed emotions surge through him.”I’d love for you to share more of your life with me,” Chloe said to him with conviction in her voice. So he treated her to tales of affluence, death and rebirth in far-flung regions and historical periods. He told her about how his kind was hunted by vampire hunters and werewolves. “It takes a lot of survival instinct to survive as long as I have,” he took a deep breath; his mind seemed to wander off.

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The two sat silently for some time before she tenderly inquired, “Have you ever found love?” “No,” he said. “For me, there is no love or hope for it in this world.” “Even the most vile of monsters are worthy of love,” Chloe said to him. “I hate myself! I prey on others and take their life. Love and joy are a thing of the past!” “It’s wasn’t always the case,” Chloe objected.”You can never understand because you are human,” Stephen said. “No one can love me because I am a monster! It’s my fault for bringing you here and disclosing this information to you. Get out of here now!” he yelled at her. He felt his thirst rising higher at this point. He slammed the door shut behind her before going into the kitchen. Time had elapsed quickly and the sun was already rising, he could sense it. He made his way to his coffin and he told himself, “I must forget her, or I will repeat this mistake.”

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Stephen tried his best to forget the girl he met at the bar, but her words and thoughts of her persisted in his mind. “Even the most vile of monsters are worthy of love,” he pondered if this was really the case. Was there a ray of light in his abyss, or was he doomed? His suppressed feelings had been awakened by the presence of the mysterious woman. Then one night as Stephen was walking the streets, there she was, as if she had never left. Sipping her coffee and fussing with her hair, flawless in every way deemed possible.

He spent every night with her for the next few months. They spent a lot of time in abandoned castles, desolate cemeteries and lonely mountain roads because Stephen liked these kind of places. Chloe would sometimes wear clothing with dark, mysterious, antiquated and homogeneous features. She’d also wear dark lipstick, dark eyeliner, dark nail polish and sometimes fishnets to compliment her attire. For jewelry she would wear spiked wristbands and chokers. All these just to please him and make him comfortable by being one his world.

Stephen was enamored by her beauty. His ice-cold façade began to thaw with every shared moment and laughter. Stephen shared his life with her apart from when he had to quench his thirst. She pleaded with him to show her his true nature, but it was something he dreaded to reveal to her. Stephen promised himself that he wouldn’t fall for her but the two couldn’t help themselves, love naturally began to grow between them.

This was one of the many nights they had gotten accustomed to spending together. Stephen had his hands buried in the softness of her hair. It’s as if time had been wounded back to when they were teenagers. He held her close feeling her warmth on his cold skin. In his arms she felt safe and protected from any kind of harm. “It feels so nice being here with you,” she softly said as she caressed his face.

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Now that he had her in his arms, he could appreciate her beautiful contours, silky skin, lovely hair and her ambience.  “Look at me,” he commanded her softly. She opened her eyes and fixed them on him as she slightly opened her mouth inviting him in for a kiss. Instead he nuzzled up to her ear lobe, where she’d always been ticklish. “Oh,” she murmured softly. The two had become so close and comfortable around each other to an extent Stephen was no longer afraid to let her watch him quench his thirst.  Chloe would even let him suck on her blood a little through her wrist and she confessed each time, “The feeling is ecstatic!”

Stephen wanted it perfect that evening. He wanted the moment to be excellent because he had something planned in mind for the night. He continued to kiss her as he touched her cheek and hair. “Oh my!” she exclaimed in desire. Chloe closed her eyes and placed one hand on his shoulder while the other stroke his back from nape to spine. “I like the feeling of your skin on mine,” she purred out. His hands were on her hips, her breath on his cheek and her voice in  his ear. She called out his name in her sweet sexy voice and Stephen felt every single hair on his back stand at attention.

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Stephen decided that this was the right moment for what he had been thinking of for quite some time now and he seized it. “I love you Chloe and I want to spend my life with you,” he said to her. “You gave me a chance at love when I never thought it a possibility for someone like me. With you I can be my true self without any fear whatsoever. You bring out all my good qualities and make me want to be a better being for you. You are my friend, my confidant and you complete me.” With those words he open up a ring case holding a piece that featured a rare black onyx diamond in the center, bordered by two etched skulls, and finished with a little black onyx on either side as a final flourish. It was a breathtaking sight to behold! The ring had a male equivalent, which she had no knowledge of. A four skull band with a blue sapphire on the top and bottom of each of the skulls, in between the skulls were etched anchors that were tied together in knots.

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Chloe was speechless at first. Stephen had come into her life at a time when she needed a knight in shining armor to save her from the castle of loneliness she had found herself imprisoned in. “Yes I will marry you my charming prince of the night,” she managed to speak up with a smile on her face that made her beautiful green eyes sparkle. Chloe had never felt so at home with someone like she did with him and there was no going back for her. She was ready to be his better half and spend the rest of her life with him.

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